About Us


Hi! We're Amelia Tonelli and Rachel Widmark the founders of Fernweh! It's our mission to create beautiful, handcrafted jewelry inspired from around the globe that empowers women artisans and entrepreneurs.  Here's how we found our fernweh.

We bonded over our love for travel and enthusiasm for ethical design at Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of the Arts. 

While living abroad and traveling together, we found ourselves bringing back keepsakes and beautifully crafted accessories discovered on our travels. Once home, we loved to share the stories and intricate histories of each piece with friends and family. More importantly, the pieces became time capsules, serving as reminders of our experience and the journey that shaped our new found perspective. Returning home, we became frustrated by seeing mass-produced products that mimicked “ethnic” styles- poor copies of traditional techniques. We came together knowing we wanted to create a collaborative brand, inspired by global design, which recognized the culture and people behind the product.

We founded Fernweh Jewelry in 2015 with a three-pronged mission: travel to developing countries to experience cultures through the people, their art, and craftsmanship; create globally-inspired jewelry, which features hand-crafted elements; give back to the countries by subsidizing microloans to local women. We invite you to join our journey and encourage you to always #FollowYourFernweh.