Why Pakistan?


The decorative tradition of tile making in Pakistan is a centuries old craft. It encompasses enormously rich visuals and compelling technique. Ceramics showcase Pakistan’s contemporary design identity while preserving its ancient history.





Mahbina Waheed revolutionized Pakistan’s traditional ceramics industry by launching her innovative business, Clayworks. Her successful philosophy is to be original, creative, fun, yet practical. As the first female entrepreneur to run a ceramics company in the country, she created a contemporary revival, which married old world ways with modern design. A common motif in Clayworks creations is the use of traditional Islamic and ethnic patterns within contemporary forms. 




Social Entrepreneurship Through Microfinance



Kashf Foundation was one of the first women-focused Microfinance Institutions established in Pakistan. It pioneered the effort to eliminate poverty and to ensure the efficacy of micro-credit. Kashf’s unique combination of financial lending and educational training in business, financial literacy, and social justice, has created a strong economic program with unprecedented growth. Over a 16 year period, the number of women borrowers has grown from 913 to 246,912.